ID #1121 Ten little UNIX lines

Ten little UNIX lines,
were going to the law
the Grecian line was for the birds
as everybody saw.

Nine little UNIX lines,
presented at the court,
one was not found in LINUX code,
in spite of great effort.

Eight little UNIX lines
the trueness for to see,
one of them instead of this
belonged to BSD.

Seven little UNIX lines,
but one did not cumcumber,
apparently to everyone
it was an error number

Six little UNIX lines,
should support the claim
one GPLed by SCO

could not achieve the aim.

Five little UNIX lines,
as piece of evidence,
the one of former System III
was inapplicable, hence.

Four little UNIX lines,
good tale to be told twice
wasn’t code but just comment
bad luck for Mr. Heise

Three little UNIX lines
so sorry, one of them,
was programmed for AIX
and owned by IBM.

Two little UNIX lines
McBride in seventh heaven,
but great letdown: one came from tape
labelled Version Seven.

One little UNIX line,
was not a plus, but minus,
it eaysily was clarified
that’s code of good old Linus.

Without any UNIX line,
none left on McBride’s behalf,
but everyone have to admit
we had a lot of laugh.

Final remark:
A nursery rhyme shows obviously,
that McBride acts untruthfully.


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